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Is there any replacement available for some sections of my garage door?

Yes, there is always replacement available for every section of your door. However, the colors or paintings on the door wear out overtime due to exposure to certain elements. In such cases replacing a section of the door may affect the overall look. You may want to consider replacing all sections in such cases.

Is an insulated door really important?

It depends on your preference. Although, it is recommended to pick an insulated garage door, especially if there is a room attached to the garage. It regulates the heat from the outside and enables air to travel inside your house. If you need help in installing an insulated door, our experts will do it for you.

How can I determine good garage door balance?

You don’t need to do precise measurements to determine if your garage door is adequately balanced. You can assess balance by trying to lift the door manually. If it moves smoothly, it means that the parts are well pieced together. The effective counterbalancing of the internal components, from the springs to the pulleys, should make the door move smoothly.

What are the basics in inspecting a door opener motor box?

The motor of a door opener, according to our expert garage door repair personnel, can be visually inspected for defects. Defects are usually indicated by traces of burning, cracks, or the fraying of power cords. If these visual clues are found, the motor or power supply could be damaged and should be professionally evaluated.

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