Experts in Sears Garage Door Opener Repair

Smart tips for those interested to maintain their garage door properly without hurting themselves

Garage door opener

Garage door opening and closing can be easily done at the press of a button if your door is equipped with an opener. It is a very convenient tool as it eliminates the hassle of manually locking or unlocking your door. To diagnose and repair faults with your garage door opener, our professional technicians can help.

Keeping a garage door safe with opener

A garage door can be safer than it used to be when it is equipped with a good opener. A garage door opener is a motorized device that opens and closes garage doors. There are many door openers today with more safety features. There are those that can be controllable via the internet and over the phone.

Conduct a monthly force setting test

For doors that are equipped with an automatic opener system, you have to conduct a monthly force setting test. To do this, open the door fully and then push the door transmitter to close the door. As the door closes, you have to hold the bottom of the door. The door should reverse when it comes in contact with your hand.

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