Garage Door Springs

Garage door springs are arguably the most important component in your garage doors, make sure you get yours professionally installed and adjusted.

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Few components go overlooked as much as garage door springs do. They are the sturdy supporters of your door, always working in pairs to keep your system in balance, operating smoothly and held rigidly and safely. Typically there are two springs per door, each taking an equal amount of the door’s weight. But you can’t just slap any old spring on to any garage door, getting it right is a little more complicated than that.Garage Door Springs in New Jersey

Know the selection

Each type of garage door requires a particular kind of spring, installed in pairs, to keep it operating properly. As the name suggests,extension garage door springs are most suited to providing balanced operation to overhead doors, one spring on either side of the door, running parallel with the tracks.

For some garages it is more suitable to have torsion coil springs, usually found fitted on the upper corners of each side of the door. These springs store pressure in their tightly wound steel coils to give doors the lift they need. This pressure, although giving the door a power they need, can also be dangerous when worked on by someone who is inexperienced, so when changing them it is best to have a pro do it.

For the more heavy duty doors, it may be necessary to have oil tempered springs fitted to the system. These components have gone through a process of heating them in oil to fortify their structural integrity. This gives them the stability needed to operate weighty doors such as large metal ones, or those that are used very frequently. They may cost a little more, but you will get years more use out of them.

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