Keeping Garage Doors Beautiful

Keeping Garage Doors Beautiful

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From the very moment of garage door installation, the unit becomes exposed to the damaging effects of UV light, water and temperature extremes. The good news is that you can do many things to protect it effectively and to retain its elegant looks in the long term. Ensure that you will take all of the most important steps for preserving the condition of your door.

Initial Protection and Ongoing Maintenance

Keeping Garage Doors Beautiful in New JerseyIt is best if steel, wood and fiberglass garage door panels are painted with exterior-grade paint. It provides protection from rust, decay and other types of damage. You can choose from various color options depending on your preferences. It is important for the color of the door to go together well with the color of the house walls. You can consider alternatives to paint if you want to preserve the original looks of the unit. There are special types of stains for wood doors. Steel panels can be covered with car wax which offers excellent protection from very low and high temperatures and from corrosive particles carried by the wind such as sand. Paint or another type of protective coating has to be reapplied yearly.

The other main factor for effective protection is the installation of weather seals. They help to prevent water damage and mold. Both rubber and vinyl seals do an excellent job, but the latter tend to be more weather-resistant and durable. It is better for you to opt for a bottom seal which goes directly on the bottom panel rather than for a floor stop as it leaves a thin gap between the bottom panel and the floor.

The specialists of our garage door company in Ridgefield Park recommend thorough door cleaning at least twice a year. There is no need for using a special cleaner as dissolving a cup of liquid detergent in five gallons of water will give you a perfectly potent and safe solution. You should use a soft sponge for the washing and clean water and sponge for thorough rinsing. Dry the panels with soft cloth. Windows must be cleaned with an appropriate product which is completely safe. The maintenance job should also involve the cleaning of the decorative metal garage door parts with a suitable product.

If you notice any problems during maintenance, opt for timely garage door panel repair.

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